STATEMENT: Government firmly committed to Guyana Gold Board

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STATEMENT: Government firmly committed to Guyana Gold Board

For almost four decades, the Government of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana has entrusted the Guyana Gold Board with the very sensitive responsibility of overseeing certain operations involving this nation’s mineral wealth.  The GGB has always worked to deliver on its multiple mandates and to meet high expectations.  Recently, these demanding roles have become even more challenging, amidst changing circumstances.


There are now renewed and enhanced emphases on health and safety of all; a call to contributing even more to the economy; and plans to modernize its presence and image to be more reflective of the nation’s patrimony.  The Minister of Natural Resources, along with the entire government, is keenly familiar with the efforts and commitment of the board and management to adding to this country’s bottom line, while at the same time enhancing its reputation in the international arena through strict adherence to anti money laundering and the countering of the financing of terrorism; as well build trust and confidence within Guyana through the manifestation of high standards of professionalism and ethics.  Minister Trotman and the government laud the initiatives and engagements of the GGB’s leaders and staff.


Further, the government stands in full support of the ongoing visions and plans of the Gold Board, and stands fully and firmly committed to doing its own part to make possible an expanded presence of the GGB.  The government contemplates doing so through tabling the needed legislation; providing the necessary tools and resources; expanding operational infrastructure and capacity; and partnering in charting the way forward for this vital national institution.


The Minister of Natural Resources endorses the work of the GGB and stands as its champion.  There is the confidence that, given the proper room and cover, this agency can and will serve this country well.  Finally, it is widely believed that the Guyana Gold Board, through prudent management and sound leadership will overcome its challenges, fulfill its obligations, and bring many benefits to this country and its peoples.


The GGB has its charge, role, and place.  It must go forward fearlessly and deliver authoritatively.