Authorised Gold Dealers of the Guyana Gold Board

Section 9(1) of the Guyana Gold Board Act empowers the Guyana Gold Board to authorise Applicants to have in their possession, or to sell or export such quantity of gold as the Board may allow, subject to any conditions the Board 11 thinks fit to impose. This authority is referred to as an Authorisation to Possess, Sell or Export Gold (Gold Dealer’s License). These Applicants, when authorised, are referred to as licensed gold dealers and are regulated by GGB under the Guyana Gold Board Act and the Guyana Gold Board (Dealers) Regulations 4 of 1997, which set out the requirements for an Applicant to become a dealer. Currently, GGB has authorised six (6) Gold Dealers at the locations below as follow:

1Mohamed's Enterprisea) 29 Lombard Street, Georgetown
2El Dorado Tradinga) Lot 136 Young Street, Kingston, Georgetown
b) 63 Da Silva Street, Newtown,
c) Port Kaituma Waterfront
d) 40 Third Avenue, Bartica, Essequibo.
e) Lot 3 Anna Regina, Essequibo Coast
3Pure Diamond Inca) 44 Duncan Street, Bel Air Park,
b) Lot 7 First Avenue Bartica. Essequibo
4Dinar Tradinga) 1 Lamaha & Cummings Streets,
5Adamantium Metals Inc.a) Lot 4/71B Water Street Kingston, Georgetown
6Gold Bar Development and Consulting
a) Lot 0 First Avenue, Bartica. Georgetown
NOTE: NOTE: Customers are strongly urged to transact business only at the addresses specified for each of the licensed, authorized gold dealers. Failure to do so could subject all involved parties in such transactions to law enforcement action.