Messages of congratulations on the occasion of the 36th anniversary of the Guyana Gold Board

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Messages of congratulations on the occasion of the 36th anniversary of the Guyana Gold Board

Today May 15, 2018, the Guyana Gold Board (GGB) observes its 36th year of existence, having commenced its operations on May 15, 1982. Below are some brief messages from the Minister of Natural Resources, the Chairman of the GGB and the General Manager of the GGB to mark this historic milestone.

Message from Minister of Natural Resources Honourable Raphael G.C. Trotman M.P.

On the 36th Anniversary of the establishment of the Guyana Gold Board, I take this opportunity to congratulate the Board of Directors, Management and Staff for the sterling work they are doing, and for their valuable contribution to the growth of Guyana’s economy.

The role of the Guyana Gold Board is not without challenges, and with prudent management and a commitment by all to utilise best practices within the industry, we are daily overcoming these challenges. We continue to place the health and well-being of staff and those who interact with the Board as a priority.

As we look to the future, the framework for the development our Green State, notes that “focus will be placed on conducting a long-term resource management plan for the non-renewable extractive sectors – with the explicit goal of optimising generated wealth to support stable and balanced economic growth. This will include an assessment of the long-term price scenarios for major commodities; the extent of the extractable resource given economic, social and environmental constraints; and the role of a sovereign wealth fund in smoothing the fiscal impact of price fluctuations and facilitating the reinvestment of mineral wealth into Guyana’s broader economic development.” These are positive indications of the important role of the Guyana Gold Board in the years ahead.

As the minister with responsibility for the sustainable extraction of gold resources, I urge that transparency and accountability continue to guide every activity as we grow from strength to strength.

Congratulations on your 36th Anniversary!



Message from Chairman of the Guyana Gold Board Mr GHK Lall

The Guyana Gold Board stands at the crossroads, on this its 36th birthday.  Given forceful championing and the right latitude, the GGB can rise to deliver on its obligations, as well as expectations.  The time is now for hard decisions to be made at many levels, and with appropriate resources identified, so that robust implementation can follow.  In this way, the Gold Board can-and will-take its rightful place as a significant national contributor and be recognized as such.

There is much hard work ahead that will only be realized and bring rewards through the unflagging support and efforts of political stewards, sector participants, and a cohort of committed, and conscientious workers.  Many sensitive objectives beckon; crucial much-needed success can be forthcoming; but only if there is togetherness of clean purposes and unity of national visions.  The work at hand and in the days ahead is known and measurable; and so, too, are the obstacles, regardless of the source or believed sophistication.

Still, the board of directors, management, and staff must forge swiftly forward to serve constituents and country.  This must be done impeccably, ethically, and consistently. 

Best anniversary wishes to all involved with the GGB. 


Message from General Manager of the Guyana Gold Board Ms Eondrene Thompson

Today Guyana Gold Board (GGB) is celebrating its 36th anniversary.  At this juncture, while it calls for celebration it also calls for forward thinking because, without question our greatest accomplishments still lie ahead of us.

GGB has many success stories as well as its fair share of mistakes. We’ve learned from our mistakes and celebrated our successes. Embracing change, having the courage to meet challenges and re-engineering have been core to our sterling contribution to the economy.  There are a variety of factors that contribute to this success, among those are hardworking employees, doing what is right when no one is watching and dedication to delivering an exceptional customer experience. The foundation of it all: We believe in making our nation exemplified.

Our vision fuels our purpose. Each day we set out to provide solutions for an increasingly congested gold trading environment.

Our values, which in turn serve as our backbone include:

  • Commitment to our customers
  • Dedication to safety
  • Supportive of each other
  • Accountability for performance
  • Setting the highest standards

To our customers: We are grateful for each and every one of you. Without you, there would be no Guyana Gold Board.

To our employees: Thank you for believing in this organization. The hours that you put in to make sure this operation is running efficiently do not go overlooked. From showing courage and bravery in the face of adversity, cleverly maintaining operations to assisting customers, we appreciate all that you do.

To the Board of Directors: We feel your genuine support each step of the way, you are the best team any organization could long to have.

Guyana Gold Board today serves as a pivot in the nation for gold trading activities. As the regulatory authority in the gold trading sector we endeavour to serve with distinction. Our goals over the last 36 years will be the same for the next 36 years and counting, as we continue our quest to be efficient, safe, reliable and courteous. I’m very proud of our past and extremely excited about the next few years. Our future has never been brighter!